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Lift Up

an everyday hero.

Dash In stands with the frontline heroes actively fighting this COVID – 19 crisis. There isn’t a Thank You big enough to those risking their lives to help save the lives of others. Send your local heroes a free snack and an encouraging message of hope to let them know that they don’t stand alone.

Lifting Life’s

Craveable food. Quality fuel. Neighborly smiles. Staying on the go has never been easier. 

Who Is
Dash In?

Dash In is a growing chain redefining the convenience store experience. We’re on a mission to transform everyday errands into engaging experiences. 

White Oak Store is NOW OPEN! 

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We believe in connecting time-crunched people to Real Food with Real Flavor.

Our goal is to lift life’s journey’s with quality fuel you can trust. You worked hard for that vehicle, it’s time to let our fuel work hard for you.

Looking fresh while minimizing your carbon footprint has never been easier. Our eco car wash does both. 

We make strides to ensure that the next generation of future leaders gain access to food needed to learn, grow, and thrive.