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At Dash In, we are dedicated to providing an elevated experience to all our guests. We’re always looking for new ways to delight our customers. In the past few years, we’ve added an upgraded coffee program, featuring the freshest 100% Arabica coffee, hot tea, and cappuccino options. We’ve also upgraded our fresh food at many of our locations with our line of Craveable sandwiches including customer favorites like our Turkey Bacon Melt and Memphis Pulled Pork sandwiches. We continue to invest considerable time and energy into menu development, with exciting new developments on the horizon.
Right now, we’re building newer facilities, and renovating existing locations, with greater attention than ever paid to provide our guests with an appealing environment and an ever-expanding array of choices for fresh food and beverage, alongside with our traditional strength in the popular prepared foods, snacks, and beverages.
Looking to the future, our newest stores will offer even more choices, including industry-leading exterior and interior designs, and a craft beer growler program.

Four Decades of Growth

Dash In. Food Stores first opened in 1979 in Laurel, Maryland. Our commitment to providing our communities with convenient access to food, snack, and gas at great prices has seen us grow to over 50 stores today, with many more planned in the upcoming years.
Over the years, Dash In’s offering has evolved. As we have found success, we have increased the scope of our ambition. In the past decade, we have expanded our offerings to include over 30 Splash In Eco Car Washes. Splash In’s goal is to get your car as clean as possible, and as quickly as possible using the least possible amount of resources to get the work done.

The Wills Group

Dash In is a part of The Wills Group, Inc.  From its origin in Southern Maryland, over 90 years ago, The Wills Group now operates a variety of home comfort and convenience-oriented businesses across the mid-Atlantic region.
The Wills Group always has been, and always will be guided by its founding values. We believe that running a successful business is more than just technical excellence and great administration. In order to be successful in the long term, we must stand for something. We must be guided by a consistent set of principles and values so that employees and partners know what to expect from us.
Relationships underpin our success as a business. A consistent set of values guides our ongoing cultivation of all those relationships. We take these values seriously, always finding ways to embed them into our processes, so they are never lost amid the daily noise and distractions of a thriving business. You can find out more about The Wills Group at the corporate website.

Community Ties

The entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental to our company’s longstanding success and is epitomized by our founder James Wills and his wife Julia. The Wills helped to build Southern Maryland Oil through hard work and ingenuity, while giving back to the local community throughout their lifetimes, including donating the land for Wills Memorial Park.
Upon James’s death in 1957, a local newspaper editorial commented that “virtually every improvement or development for the county’s good in the last 30 years felt Mr. Wills’ influence at some point… He sought not only to protect what the county has but to enrich its future.”
With this rich history a part of our foundation, we energetically participate in the present through the three primary community initiatives: (1) Community Engagement, (2) Eliminating Childhood Hunger, and (3) Ensuring Safe, and Healthy Homes.

Community Engagement

The Wills Group’s Community Engagement initiative provides us an opportunity to achieve our own aspirations, make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, and build a legacy that transcends our bottom line. By advancing this vision over the next decade in the partnership with our employees, retailers, customers, and vendors, we aim to achieve a level of impact that multiplies our investment and creates a shared value in our communities.

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Eliminating Childhood Hunger

Childhood hunger is a growing issue in our region and across the nation. One in six children in the United States find themselves hungry and without a regular access to food. Childhood hunger, a sad reality in a country and region with so much abundance, is a solvable problem. As a leading convenience store retailer, Dash In has the expertise in food distribution and marketing to make an impact on this issue.

With support and involvement from our full family of businesses, The Wills Group is partnering with No Kid Hungry to address eliminating childhood hunger in our region. Through this collaboration, we are working with schools, community groups, and food pantries throughout our footprint to provide reliable, nutritious meals to the hungry children.

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Ensuring Safe and Healthy Homes

To launch The Wills Group’s Safe and Healthy Homes Committee, a group of over 30 employees from across the company spent the day renovating Martha’s House, a transitional home for women and children. Martha’s Place is run by LifeStyles, a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance, and health and human services to individuals within Charles County. This effort included repaving the barely usable driveway, repainting the home’s interior, replacing smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, adding a storm door and safety railings, landscaping the entire property, as well as making numerous other improvements.

With the commitment of creating safe, and healthy homes throughout Maryland and beyond, The Wills Group’s Safe and Healthy Home Committee first came into contact with LifeStyles because the organization helps 14,000 people annually. When the Safe and Healthy Homes Committee heard that Martha’s Place’s water well had unexpectedly broken, and residents were no longer able to live in the home, the committee was committed to resolving the housing emergency for LifeStyles’ women and children.

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