About Splash-In

Food and Market is dedicated to transforming the car wash experience at your local corner store. We have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment at our 24 locations so that you and your automobile can receive a quality wash at a convenient location in just a few short minutes.

14 of our sites now feature:

The Belanger Freestyler soft-touch system
An open and inviting design with five foam brushes for a thorough clean. Select “The Works!”, our best wash package, and receive the Freestyler’s full treatment!

Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant (offered at all Splash In locations)
Give your car the best with increased shine, better surface protection, and water repellent for safer driving. After application, Rain-X Complete’s surface reactive polymer molecules help level out the microscopic irregularities on vehicle surfaces to enhance shine, and water beading for a long-lasting performance.