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Glenn Posey

Retail Systems Administrator

I’ll start by saying that working at Dash In started out as just another job but turned into an unexpected way to chase my passion.

I joined Dash In 12 years ago to help support my dad after my mother passed away. I started as a sales associate, learning everything from store management and customer service to teamwork and point-of-sales systems. 

I’m IN for flexibility, training, and growth.

After just two years, I was promoted to a manager at a Dash In Corporate Store, and was amazed by all the perks and benefits, especially the flexibility in my schedule to enroll in the University of Maryland at the same time.

I was even able to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program offered by Dash In, which pays for classes and books at varying levels depending on your grades.

Then, I’ll never forget in 2010 when a colleague approached me about my interest in joining the corporate IT team because of my growing expertise in our point-of-sales systems.

I didn’t hesitate, my answer was yes and when can I start! One corporate training class later and I haven’t looked back since.

Investment in my career has paid off…

In 2011 I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, which has always been a passion area of mine. Today, I am proud to be a Retail Systems Administrator for The Wills Group.

“I’m thankful for the fresh start for myself, my family, all the training and college tuition support, and most importantly – for seeing potential in me to turn a part-time job into a full-time career.”

A closer look at Glenn’s role
Glenn’s primary responsibility as a Retail Systems Administrator is overseeing all systems, managing technology for store openings, developing new technologies, and administering security and compliance at Dash In stores. He is responsible for nearly 270 retail locations, each with 15 to 30 pieces of technology and equipment.

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