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Julie Rieman

Field Support Manager

As a Field Support Manager, I’m responsible for training the team on how to open a successful store from scratch. There’s a lot to learn, everything from merchandising to food safety to scheduling and hiring. It’s a thorough and hands-on process, but also a lot of fun.

We all worked together and I can see them have this “ah-ha” moment where everything is clicking and they’re confident and excited to open the store.

I’m IN for Opportunity and Leadership

I remember one of the first stores I helped open was in Waldorf, MD and it was honestly one of the most satisfying and rewarding moments I’ve had working here.

The best part of working with that team is that they still reach out to me to let me know how the store is performing and to celebrate awesome scores on their customer experience shops.

Knowing I left that impression on them makes me feel appreciated, and it’s a sign of the impact my role and leadership has on the team’s success.

I love the supportive culture Dash In has created and how they truly want to see people grow within the company. I was working with a team three years ago and I remember this cashier who has such a bubbly personality and was very responsive to all the training. In less than 2 years she’s now a store manager. That’s rare to see in this industry.

Dash In is a place where no matter what role you’re in, your ideas are heard. If you’re a cashier and you see something working well in your store, you can tell management and next week it’s being applied to every store.

We truly are one big team here. And when employees are happy, it shows in their work and customer service. At some stores, we have people drive 10 to 15 minutes out of their way because of the service they get from our team members. Knowing I have played a role in creating a service-oriented culture is one of the many reasons I love working here.

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Joyce Kendall

Since the store opened in 2017, I come in early in the morning and make sure the coffee and donuts are fresh, greet every customer, then prepare for the lunch rush.


Biruk Regassa

Since I started, Dash In helped pay my tuition, I moved up to a shift manager in just a few years, and in 2017, I started working as a corporate store manager where my current store has been recognized multiple times for high sales performance.


Glenn Posey

Glenn’s primary responsibility as a Retail Systems Administrator is overseeing all systems, managing technology for store openings, developing new technologies, and administering security and compliance at Dash In stores.


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