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Engaging the Communities We Serve

in local grants to date.

Meals served from 2016 through last year in partnership with No kid hungry.

Our Approach

At Dash In, we want to ensure the next generation of future leaders gain access to food needed to learn, grow, and thrive. Through our Dash In hunger initiative, we make that possible. We’ll also be launching a program focused on enhancing outdoor spaces near our local Dash In stores; because we believe in the power of gathering and community building.

We’re focused on making life more rewarding for the time-stretched customers, but our purpose goes much further than that. We are hyperlocal focused on the communities we serve, driven by a deep sense of responsibility and genuine passion to uplift them.

Through community engagement, our goal at Dash In is to help our neighbors and neighborhoods across the Mid-Atlantic bloom to their full potential by eliminating roadblocks that prevent them from succeeding.  We believe the grumble of a hungry tummy or a lack of resources should never get in the way of achieving ones hopes and dreams.

Our Neighbors

Providing kids with the food they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

Volunteering comes with the territory at Dash In. Our employees have proudly clocked more than 2,000 volunteer hours – driven by a hyperlocal focus and a passion for community improvement. We’re not shy about getting our hands dirty to help kids, neighbors, and neighborhoods bloom to their full potential.

Our Partners

Partnering with charitable organizations that share our forward-looking vision for the communities we serve.

The positive results we provide to communities would not be possible without our generous partners. We have the privilege of working closely with 13 organizations to serve tasty, nutritious meals to hungry kids – while providing families with resources to meet their goals.