Dash In’s Most Recent Safety Measures Designed for Social Distancing - Dash In

As our Dash In stores continue to stay open to support our communities with essential goods, we continue to remain committed to taking measures that ensure the health and safety of our customers and our team members alike.

Today, we’re announcing additional measures that we’ve launched in the spirit of further promoting social distancing. These measures include giving our team members accessibility to masks and gloves, as well as the implementation of signage that reminds all customers and team members always to stay 6 feet apart.

“These are challenging and uncertain times for all of us; and during these trying times it’s important to us to take care of our customers and our communities. People need access to food and fuel; which is why we will continue to take the utmost care to ensure our Dash In stores are open and safe to serve our communities and their families. We continue to implement stringent measures to help keep our franchisees, team members and customers safe during this challenging time; because giving people a sense of confidence and safety during a time like this is what serving our community is all about.”
– Julian B Wills III, President, Dash In

Masks and Gloves

All Dash In employees have access to gloves to leverage in their interactions with our customers. In the upcoming days, Dash In employees will also have access to masks to wear in their day-to-day interactions with customers.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is one way we can all work together to stop the spread of COVID – 19. Over the next few days, all Dash In stores will have floor markers indicating a 6-foot distance must be taken at all times.

Closure of Self-Serve Foodservice Areas

It’s important to us that all customers feel safe and supported during these times. To further eliminate the risk of any virus spread, we’ve made the decision to temporarily close our self-serve grill bar and condiments station. We’ve also changed our bakery so that all items are within self-contained packaging.

Sneeze & Cough Guards Installed on our Sales Counters

Another measure we’re taking to further encourage social distancing and limit the risk of transactional interactions is the installment of plexiglass shields on our sales counters to create a physical barrier between our sales associates and our customers.

Stringent Cleaning

Taking care of and ensuring the safety of our employees and customers will always remain our top priority. In continuation of our already rigorous cleaning routines, we’ve made our hand washing and surface sanitizing logs in view of the public.

We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure when leaving your home. We hope these measures provide all customers and all employees that sense of security and trust needed when visiting one of our stores to gather essential items for you and your families.

From our Dash In family to yours.