Dash In is going places, will you join us?

An Introduction to Franchising with Dash In

Dash In is an exciting gas station and convenience store franchise opportunity with multiple revenue layers. That means our franchisees have more opportunities to achieve growth and success when compared to other franchised convenience retail concepts.
The foundation of our success is our industry-leading real estate which generates superior traffic levels across the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia region. Our real estate team are diligent about acquiring only the most attractive real-estate for our portfolio and this real-estate portfolio is the foundation upon which our franchisee’s success is built.
Upon that foundation, we add impeccably maintained site facilities, landscaping and hardscaping that greatly increase our curb appeal” and guest traffic. The fuel facilities themselves are maintained by Dash In, with limited responsibilities for our franchisees, so our franchisees benefit from the traffic they generate without the distractions of managing complex fuel supply chains, and pricing strategies.
Our thoughtfully designed convenience stores deliver increased revenue opportunities by bringing customers in for the most popular snacks, and beverage brands, in appealing displays, at competitive prices. Our Fresh Food and Beverage offerings reinforce customer loyalty by offering customers, the food that’s hot, fresh, tasty and worth coming back for. Our Car Wash program offers high rates of throughout with very little maintenance required. This further increases profit potential for our franchisees.
The bottom line: for a dedicated, and hard-working franchisee, Dash In offers the potential for many years of success, growth, and stable revenues.
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Our Franchisees
Dash In wants franchisees to be successful over the long term. Our decades of experience help us and our potential franchisees to determine whether they are a good fit. In our experience, successful franchisees share some common traits and professional experiences.
      • Growth Minded
      • Passionate Customer Champions
      • Team builders and coaches
      • Experienced managers and restaurant professionals
      • Comfortable with business technology
      • Have the financial stability to make a successful commitment to being a franchisee
If this sounds like you, we encourage you to reach out to our franchising team for more information by clicking here.
The Process
Once you contact us, the process typically takes a few months as we work with you through the following stages. All of these stages are designed to ensure that we set up our franchisees for success, which means that both Dash In and our potential franchisees have a good chance to meet, assess each other’s capabilities and ensure that we’re aligned and there’s a good fit of skills, desires, work ethics and expectations. Here’s an overview of what to expect:
1) Initial Learning
Find out if owning a Dash In is right for you. Learn about the unique qualifications that lead to franchisee’s success.
2) Ownership in detail
Discover what owning a Dash In is really like, including the day-to-day responsibilities, franchisee profitability, and ongoing support from The Wills Group.
3) In Person Discovery Day
Meet the Dash In franchise team. Ask questions about your business journey, and learn more about the Dash In location, you could own, and operate.
4) Plan to Win
Use our business planning tools to develop a detailed path to success and fine-tune your execution strategy with our team.
5) Agreement and Training
Sign the franchise agreement, and prepare for training.
6) Welcome to your new business!
You’re all set and ready for success. If this sounds like an opportunity you’re interested in, please contact the team now, we’d love to hear from you!
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