High Quality Fuel at Competitive Prices

Dash In distributes private label fuel in addition to branded fuels from major suppliers like Shell and Exxon. We pride ourselves on providing consumers with high quality fuels at competitive prices- that’s our promise! And you can’t beat the convenience. We’re growing every day with stores across the region to meet your fueling needs.

Grounded in Expertise

Fuel expertise is at our roots dating back to our founding many years ago. Since 1926, our parent company, The Wills Group, has been serving our communities with quality transportation fuels to keep our customer’s lives in motion. That is over 90 years of experience and billions of gallons sold.

We use state of the art fuel dispensing and storage systems to ensure the product quality of our fuel is not compromised prior to fueling one of your most important assets- your vehicle. Our underground storage tanks are also equipped with safeguards like modern leak detection systems and secondary containment to ensure we don’t harm the environment. We pride ourselves as being a strong environmental steward as that is our commitment to you, our neighbors.

Our Guarantee

Dash In stands behind the quality of its fuel.  Should you ever experience an issue you believe has contributed to any performance issue with your vehicle, please contact us.

We’ll take care of it.


Contact Us

Dash In Corporate HQ

6355 Crain Highway, La Plata, MD 20646

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