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Fuel expertise is the foundation our company was built on over 90 years ago with over billion gallons sold, it’s safe to say, we know fuel. We’ve since expanded our knowledge into food and carwash, but our depth of experience and consistent passion to provide our customers with high-quality standard fuel – remains the same.

High Quality Fuel at Competitive Prices

At Dash In, we’re firm believers that quality should never be compromised for cost. This is why we distribute both private label fuel in addition to branded fuels from major suppliers like Shell and Exxon, because providing our customers with quality fuel at competitive prices is what we pride ourselves in most.

Our Guarantee

Our state-of-the-art fuel dispensing and storage systems ensure our customers receive the highest quality fuel, every time and our underground storage tank leak detection system also ensures mother nature stays protected while we continue to support lives on the go and the surrounding communities.

Integrity is our virtue – and it flows through every gallon. We stand behind our fuel quality and are always there to ensure your vehicle’s performance is never negatively affected by our gas in any way. Should you ever experience an issue with our fuel, please contact us. We’ll take care of it. Guaranteed.

Our commitment to saving you time and money

At Dash In we’re committed to making your stop for fuel, food and carwash one that saves you money and time. That’s the driving force behind our Value Days program. With these automatic savings days, you’ll receive weekly discounts on fuel, so you can stay on the go and save money – that’s what lifting life’s journey’s is all about.

  • Monday: $0.10 off Diesel
  • Tuesday: $0.20 off Premium
  • Thursday: $0.05 off ALL fuel

*Discounts are added automatically at the pump

Save on Every Gallon with a Splash In Wash

Our commitment to saving you time and money goes beyond the pump. While fueling up, purchase a Splash In car wash and you’ll receive $0.20 off on each gallon. Look for your code on the bottom of your fuel receipt and redeem it at a Splash In car wash within 30 days and stay on the go, fresh and fueled up.