Sliders, Sandwiches, Salads & Sides
Quick Bites
*Available at all Dash In locations

Lunch on the run just got a lot more interesting with our range of sliders, hot dogs, and ready-to-enjoy food. Try our hot dog bar with a wide range of toppings.

All American Angus Bacon Cheeseburger Slider
100% Angus Beef Slider patty, Creamy American cheese, and Crispy Bacon stacked on a mini potato roll.
Crispy Chicken Slider
Lightly seasoned and breaded Tyson© Chicken Breast dill pickles on a mini potato roll
Dash In Slider
100% Angus Beef Slider Patty, Creamy American Cheese, Thousand Island Dressing and pickles on a mini potato roll
Buffalo Chicken Slider
Tysonٝ© Chicken White Meat Chicken Patty seasoned with Buffalo Sauce on a mini Potato Roll
BBQ Pork Slider
Slow-roasted pulled pork smothered in tangy BBQ sauce on a mini potato roll.
Hand-tossed Pizza

8” hand-tossed style pizza made with a zesty tomato sauce, and topped with the mozzarella cheese, and garlic-brushed crust.

Spicy Wings
Classic, meaty bone-in wings with a mildly spicy and peppery breaded crunch
Original Wings
Traditional, meaty bone-in wings with a lightly seasoned breading.
Sweet & Smoky BBQ Wings
Crispy, golden brown wings tossed in a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.
Roasted Garlic Parmesan Wings
Lightly breaded wings tossed in a warm roasted garlic and parmesan sauce.
Potato Wedges
Crispy and hot McCain Potato Wedges are the perfect side to complete your meal on a high note. You can get them plain or crabby style with a dash of Old Bay.
100% Angus Beef Hot Dogs
Our hot dogs are made from 100% Angus Beef so you always know what you are getting. Choose from a variety of sausage and tornadoes as well. All are served on premium potato rolls where you can pile on the toppings of your choice from our condiment bar, including chili and cheese.