Splash In Eco Car Wash is dedicated to transforming

the car wash experience at your local corner store

We have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment at our more than 35 locations so your automobile can receive a quality wash at a convenient location within few short minutes.
Eco Car Wash
Belanger Freestyler soft-touch system
The Belanger Freestyler has a unique design that utilizes four rotating and one overhead brush that cleans your car thoroughly, but delicately. Our wash features cutting-edge technology that adjusts to your car size. The “BEST” wash starts with bug cleaner and repellent for the vehicle grill and an undercarriage wash to remove road dirt and grime, followed by wheel treatment and two complete wash passes. Finally, Splash In delivers a clear coat and Rain-X treatment to protect your car between washes. At Splash In, we care about your car as much as you do.
Eco Car Wash
Free Vacuums at Select Locations
Splash In is committed to providing you the best wash experience in the industry. We welcome you to the following locations to enjoy free vacuums so your vehicle can look as clean on the inside as it does the outside.  Free vacuum locations include Hathorne Dash In (La Plata), Fairway Village Dash In (Waldorf), and Arundel Plaza Dash In (Glen Burnie).
Eco Car Wash
Save $.20 a Gallon
At Splash-In we are dedicated to giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Anytime you purchase a car wash with fuel you will receive $.20 off per gallon. For your convenience, this can be done at the pump or in the store, and you have 30 days to redeem your car wash. No need to forgo the discount because it is raining, make your purchase and use the code on the next sunny day, your car will thank you.