Thanking our Frontline Heroes - Dash In

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it a level of fear and uncertainty that many of us were not prepared for; and while most of us quarantined at home to avoid the risk of contracting and spreading the virus, there are heroes out there that fought the virus head on. Our healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers wake up each morning, leave their families and head to the frontline to make sure our community continues to function. In the most trying of times, they are our true heroes.

Supporting and uplifting our communities is a core pillar of the Dash In brand and it’s that very foundational core that inspired the development of our Snack-O-Gram campaign. This campaign was focused on giving people in our community the opportunity to make a difference and say Thank You to these unsung heroes from the comfort of their own homes. Dash In customers were invited to choose a snack and write personal messages to be delivered to healthcare professionals and first responders that are serving their local communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We at Dash In are so grateful for the commitment of healthcare professionals and first responders across the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Darleen Nascimento, executive director of brand marketing and customer experience for Dash In. “Our goal with the Snack-O-Gram program was simple: bring our neighbors and neighborhoods together by providing those at home an opportunity to lift up and celebrate the bravery of our local healthcare professionals and first responders with a delicious snack and word of encouragement.”

We are so pleased that so many of you participated in sending these letters of gratitude to the heroes in our communities. Thanks to your participation we were able to deliver more than 2,500 snacks and personalized letters to frontline workers across Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

In these unprecedented times, it is important to be there for each other – whether it’s a snack or an act of support for our local community. At Dash In, we continue to do what we’ve always done: put people and our communities first.